Brian constructs songs with breathtaking harmonies before your very eyes and ears! Put this through a PA and you have a full band sound. His sets consist of an eclectic mix of music in the genres of Country Rock, Roots, soft Jazz and Pop, his own arrangements of covers and original material. His act has been going down well providing that little bit extra and different. If nothing else you will walk away wondering how he did that!

Brian is a prolific songwriter sometimes recording under the name of Bryan Gray his music is wide and varied.

You can hear examples at Reverbnation or

Below are some examples of his work in addition he has produced two othe albums - 'Fool's Journey' and 'Standing Stone' these are ideal for meditative use.

All albums are priced at £7.50 and 'Bluebird' is priced at £5.


The individual songs are also available if you wish to perform any of these songs please contact me.

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America Street

1.    Southern States

2.    Crazy Day

3.    America Street

4.    You and Me

5.    Rendezvous Cafe

6.    Don't Say Goodbye

7.    Perfect Affair

8.    Missing You

9.    Something I Do

10.  Love Will Keep Us

11.  Miss Kitty D'Amour

12.  Monday Morning Blues

"Don Henly meets Gordon Lightfoot"


Fool's Journey

This is a concept album written and based around the major archana cards of the Tarot. The whole album is a story tracing the journey of the Fool or Seeker.

Fool's Journey will take you on a magical journey through life and will provide the opportunity to reflect, meditate and think about one's own passge through life.

Standing Stone

'Standing Stone' is four guided meditations to suit your mood. Set to music by Brian Inglis (aka Bryan Gray) and featuring  Bridgett Page on flute and Jacqui Inglis narrating.

Each meditation takes you on a different  journey of inner discovery, bringing peace and  harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

Each meditation lasts on average almost fourteen  minutes thereby  giving the listener  ample time to relax and reflect.

This CD is suitable for individual or group work.

Do not use whilst driving.

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'Bluebird' is Brian's latest release which is a six track EP very much in a modern country rock style.

1.  Solitary Man

2.  Friend of Mine

3.  Time Passes

4.  Steppin' Stone

5.  Simple Man

6.  Bluebird

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