Brian Inglis

Brian Inglis Singer Songwriter


 Brian Inglis is a very experienced musician who has had a long career in the music business. His musical   career started soon after he left school he moved to Oxfordshire where he joined his first band, 'Central Park'   in which he first met Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake). Following that he continued playing bass and guitar in   various  bands  and eventually he moved into close harmony and cabaret work with a band called 'Winters   Tale.'  They appeared on ITV's very popular show of the time, 'New Faces' and following their appearance   had  some   success and as a result they toured the country, playing the Mecca / Top Rank and college   circuits, they worked extensively in major London hotels and enjoyed some good summer seasons in the   South West and  also toured with Duane Eddy.

 In his time Brian has worked with artists such as  Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Ian Paice (Deep   Purple), Charlie McKraken (ex-Taste), Duane Eddy, Supertramp, Frankie Vaughn, Morecombe and Wise, Des   O'Connor, Little and Large, The Baron Knights and many more.

 By the early 1990's he had started to develop his song writing skills and has since worked with songwriters   within the UK, USA and Canada. To support the songwriting Brian set up Mystic Recording Studios now M2S   Music (Mystic Music Support) He has produced two albums and an EP. He has also recorded  two meditation   CDs  and written a musical based on H G Wells' 'Time Machine.'

 Brian went back to live performing again in 2004. He experimented with backing tracks but found that they   were too limiting and decided that he did not want to be a human jukebox stood in some corner of a pub.

 As a solo artist  he can create a full band sound complete with vocal harmonies. He plays an eclectic mix of   music much of which his own material thus providing that little bit extra and different. He has used this to   good effect when playing to all sorts of audiences.         

 Brian is  an active member of the Musicians' Union as a regional committee member.

As a performer, Brian constructs songs with breathtaking harmonies before your very eyes and ears! Put this through a PA and you have a full band sound. His sets consist of an eclectic mix of music in the genres of Country Rock, Roots, soft Jazz and Pop, his own arrangements of covers and original material. His act has been going down well providing that little bit extra and different. If nothing else you will walk away wondering how he did that!

This is what has been said of him -


"Great Set! Really enjoyed your material." - Colston Hall, Bristol


"It was fantastic having you in and a great performance!" - Bradley Stoke Radio


"Heard you playing at the open mic last night over at the Spring were really great. A pleasure to listen to!" - The Spring Garden, Bristol


"Brian put me in mind of Ray Davies with each song telling a story, how the F@*^ did you do that? Brilliant!" - Mr Wolf's Bristol


"That was a good solid sounding set with some great original songs. I thought you were a full band when I first walked in, absolutly awesome!" - Pam Pam, Bristol


"Some really good songs - amazing!" - The Shakespeare, Redland, Bristol


"Brian Inglis is a very nice chap and a bit of an expert with a sampling pedal building layers as he goes to create a full and interesting sound." - Bristol Rocks


"I could have listened to you all night, I really enjoyed your music" - The Velindra, Bristol


"Brian Inglis gave us a scintillating set of his infuriatingly catchy songs and as ever it was fascinating to watch him build the tracks up on his electronic box of tricks and effortlessly deliver the sound of a whole band." The Volunteer Tavern, Bristol


And this is what they say about his own material -


"I like it, 'Take That' could have a hit with this stuff." - Roger Greenaway - Songwriter


"Result! This material could do well." David Ferguson - Composer and Chair of the BACS


"Good stuff, very commercial, could be a hit in there." Cliff Jones - Front Man for 'Gay Dad' and co-founder of Guitarist Magazine


"First time I've seen Brian and what a songsmith - Brilliant writing!" - Jason Flinter Songwriter


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