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M2S Music  is the home of Brian Inglis (Singer, Songwriter and Composer) and his music to which you can listen. Read More.

Brian is  also a director of Jelli Records, which is a music management company based in Bristol.

In addition Brian is  music Business Consultant  specialising in music business and the challenges which face today's musicians. He has written a twelve part guide on starting out in the music business which you can find below.

 A Career in Music?

A career in music? I have found through my own experience that it is very rarely that you will get advice or help regarding your career in the music business from fellow musicians, even college courses cannot always fully provide that grass roots information which is so important to anyone contemplating a career in the music business. To fill that gap M2S Music  has developed a number of articles entitled 'A Career in Music?' which are primarily aimed at those  who are already starting to make their way or who have just started to make their way in the music business or would like to. It is not a 'How to' guide in the true sense and it will not give you all of the answers, but it will give you an idea of what to consider when embarking on a career in the music business from a practical hands on point of view.  If you write or perform music as a solo artist or band and have an ambition to start a career in music then these articles will enlighten you about various aspects of the music business and  Making a Career in Music.

"Really useful and helpful" - Student Swindon Academy of Sound and Music

"I wish I had known this stuff before I started out" - Student Weston College

"I have found this really helpful, so much I did not know" - Eddie Williams USA

"Thank you so much for this, I will most certainly spread the word about your services you have given me some great pointers. I love your section about appearance, even the skin section!" - Rhiannon - "Ridinghood" Cardiff

The Basics - Do you really want to work in the music business?

Starting Out - What you need to do, who you can rely on?

Songwriting and Copyright - What is required to write a song? Understanding Copyright, where to get help.

Publishing - How to deal with publishers, advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing.

Marketing - Understanding the importance of marketing.

What is the Work Like? - Overveiw of what is expected of you in the music business.

Forming a Band or Going Solo? - Why do bands Break up? How might this be avoided?

Performing and Presentation - Do's and Don'ts of performing and presentation.

Getting Work - Agents, Managers, Promoters & DIY - Looking at various ways in which to obtain work.

Finances and Self-Employment - Understand what it is to be Self Employed, Establish financial needs.

Costing & Pricing Work - Identifying income streams, Understand the balance between income and outgoings.

Getting Signed - Who do you talk to?

Hints and Tips - Have some good hints and tips to fall back on.

These are available to purchase for only £9.99p each or £99.99p for the complete set which will be sent to you on a monthly basis as a course thereby saving you almost £20. Simply Contact me.

 Disclaimer . Following the information and guidance within the pamphlets does not guarantee employment in the music industry and M2S Music cannot guarantee that all the techniques therein will work for all individuals.


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